Discover The Core

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What is the most important thing in your world? Is your business the one thing that you cannot live without?  That’s  doubtful.

Yet, that’s where you put most of your time and energy, isn’t it?

Too many small business owners lose sight of who they are, allowing their business to define them, instead of them defining the business. Read: You are not your business! Not only is it unhealthy to sacrifice your identity to your business, it’s counter-productive and can leave you broke and broken. I want to help you to discover and define your true passion and values and introduce them into your business so that your business becomes a natural extension of who you are. This integrative model creates the core of every profitable business. With this foundation in place, running a small business is more natural and less stressful. You will have a vivid map that answers just about any challenge and identifies every solid opportunity for you. The lack of this “map” is one of the top reasons that businesses fail.

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