How to Manage the Small Business Owner’s Fear of Failure

Fear of failureThink back to the months or weeks before you launched your small business. How did you feel? How did you see your future as an entrepreneur playing out? How high were your energy levels? Now fast forward to this moment and compare the past to how you feel today. What differences do you notice? As a small business coach I can tell you that entrepreneurs inevitably enter into their vision filled with excitement and optimism—tainted by only a touch of trepidation. Before long before they encounter the reality of the challenges, ups, and downs that they are certain to experience along the way.

That may sound defeatist, but grasping the reality of entrepreneurship is actually a wonderful thing; even when it generates fear and discomfort. Fear in business is mostly about facing failure and the unknown. But once you are able to embrace the fact that challenges and obstacles are inevitable you will stop struggling with the idea of them. Once you realize that failure will most certainly be a part of your journey, you will reduce the fear associated with it.  You will learn to tap into your ingenuity, resourcefulness, and strength to skillfully maneuver every roadblock. Your resistance will turn into acceptance and that, my friend, can make miracles happen!

Just a Few Simple Words Will Help

I’ve known fear, just as you probably have. And I can tell you with great certainty that as the fear surfaces, you only need to say these few simple words to regain control of your spiraling thoughts: I can handle whatever comes along; because I always have. 

Think about it. You’ve known hardship and you’re still here today. You’ve probably experienced heartbreak, but your heart is still intact and beating. As soon as you turn your thoughts to faith and confidence, the fear-monster will back down. Think of fear as a bully; bullies back down when they no longer see their prey as weak and helpless. Fear is much the same.

You Are Not Alone

I’ve interviewed and studied some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the planet. And you know what? Every one of them will admit to feeling fear. Every one of them has learned to see failure as playground for innovation—a classroom for learning.

Embrace your fear of failure as a normal and natural reaction to the unknown. Once you fully realize that everyone experiences these feelings at some point in the entrepreneurial journey, you’ll gain confidence and move forward more boldly!

“It's not until the entrepreneur possesses clarity and confidence that a business will thrive.”
-Marla Tabaka

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