Entrepreneurs Who Use Vision Boards are More Likely to Achieve Success

As I was training to become a coach (remember, this was about 20 years ago), the whole Law of Attraction/Vision Board concept was rejected by most of our population. Thankfully, with the advancements in neuroscience we can see how these seemingly magical tools work to help us manifest a better life. Since they’ve become more mainstream (alleluia!) it’s been fun and exciting to speak about things like metaphysics and the wonders of neuroscience without having to disguise the conversation in conventional wording. So here we go!

You started your business because you had a vision, right? Yet, how often do you spend time feeling excited by your vision? Do you actually visualize the outcome of your hard work, or do you get stuck in the “hard work” mentality, leaving the celebrations for the years ahead?

So, get this. A recent survey revealed that, among respondents, one in five successful entrepreneurs used vision boards in the business building process. In fact, 91 percent of them attribute their current (strong) financial position to having envisioned a plan to get there. These are smart entrepreneurs!

So, can you do it as well? Of course, you can! Here’s the thing—it’s simple! That’s both good and not so good because it’s so simple that people tend to break the habit of visualizing daily, or they don’t do it at all. It may be difficult for them to believe anything that lacks complexity could be so powerful.

I have a confession to make. 

Visualization makes up most of my marketing plan. Yup, you heard me right. Of course, I market, but I visualize more. And, here’s a great example of what happens when I do.

Two days ago, I was working with a client to help her grasp the concept of visualizing to create strongly positive emotions around success. You see, it’s the emotion that goes into your visualization that produces the magic sauce. More on that later.

I got so wrapped up in the conversation with my client that I felt the familiar surge of joy that I associate with onboarding a new client. I never focus on the money, or any other self-serving aspect of working with a new entrepreneur. I place all of my attention on the joy of knowing that I can help them achieve their dreams and what that means to them. The feelings are powerful and profound.

After our session I checked my email only to find a consultation request from a new prospect. Smiling at the wonder of it all, I picked up the phone and he made the time to speak with me on the spot. It was a ten-minute conversation, and he became my next new client.

That is how powerful the visualization process can be. This isn’t voodoo magic. The energy I generated in my client call helped me to listen intently, to say just the right things (meaningfully, of course), and to radiate the energy that helped my soon to be client feel the synergy.


What about the vision board?

As you may notice, there was no vision board involved in my client manifestation experience. What many people don’t know is that the pictures on a vision board are only a means to an end. They are tools to help you tap into feelings, like excitement, joy, happiness, and feelings associated with self-empowerment. Once you practice with your vision board on a regular basis you may be able to achieve a high-level vibration without the support of a board. That’s what happened in my client call.

Now let’s get a touch nerdy about the subject. Ha!

Why do vision boards work? 

Your brain is malleable and trainable; it can even rewire itself. This remarkable capacity is referred to as neuroplasticity, and it allows you to train your brain for success. Visualization is one of the most powerful and efficient ways to do this.

The rewiring process harnesses two key components: mirror neurons and neural resonance. Mirror neurons are vital to the learning process and planning our actions, as well as understanding the intentions behind them. Neural resonance is involved in focus and problem-solving. Visualization can help us to rewire our brains resulting in greater access to ideas, solutions, and motivation.

The selective attention involved during visualization imprints important things on the part of your brain that filters out unnecessary information and focuses instead on information that's relevant. Your brain laser-focuses on your goals and introduces you to the things you need to make them happen. This is what we call The Law of Attraction at work. Sometimes it feels like opportunities and abundance come from nowhere, but now you can see the science behind it. However, let’s not negate the fact that good stuff happens all on its own too.

In my next post I’m going to hit on other things to know, as well as how to become a vision boarding entrepreneur yourself. Stay tuned, ok?