Growing a Small Business Can Be Hard, But Not Impossible–Even Now

As if the normal challenges of growing a small business aren't enough, 2020 ushered in an epidemic that has altered life and business as we know it.

It’s left you exhausted, sometimes to the point of feeling slightly ill.
Your positive energy may rebound here and there, but it’s not sustainable.
Sometimes you feel like you’re up against impossible odds.
And, you wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”

If you absorb nothing else in this post, take this in…

There is nothing wrong with you!

When the consequences of the pandemic set in most people experienced high levels of constant stress. Acute stress is brought on by situations ranging from threat to life to the intense pressure of an important event. In many cases, the adrenalin from acute stress gives us the energy we need to get through these times. When a high-stress situation is prolonged, like what’s happening around us now, the stress becomes chronic—and it’s exhausting. It may even affect your health, and it certainly reduces your energy, mental capacity, and drive. Growing a small business now may feel impossible.

What you are experiencing is a state of chronic stress, right along with the rest of the population.

Let's get to the business of growing a small business.

Whether you are stuck due to stress or just in general, let’s join forces to do something about it. Let’s get your business working like a machine and your income to a point that money is not part of the stress equation.

Despite these times, all of my clients are thriving physically and emotionally. All but one are thriving financially, but he is on the fast track. Why? Because are learning to master their thought management skills. That’s right, it’s all about mindset, especially during times like these. It’s about shifting of the Bullsh*t in your head and becoming the badass that you’re meant to be. It’s time to BullShift™ with me!

About BullShift™ Group Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Group coaching for entrepreneursBullShift™ is a LIVE group coaching experience, not a canned program that you will never complete. AND, there will not be 100 people online with you. Nope, this is a small group of about 8-10 of your peers who are serious about making money and being happy…very exclusive!

Are you in? Are you willing to devote 6-months to becoming a better version of yourself and grow your business? How will it feel to wake up happy and filled with hope? I know what it feels like to avoid paying bills because you don’t want to look at the checking account. How will it feel to pay your bills with ease? Once you get those Bullsh*t stories out of your head and the building blocks for a thriving business in place there will be no stopping you!

Let’s do this. Apply to be a part of this group of entrepreneurs who will cheer you on and offer invaluable feedback, just as you will for them. I will be there each week to teach, support, and give you the nudges you need to get what you want out of life.