Intuition Is Intelligence, Not WooWoo. Here’s How to Tap Into Yours

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In last week’s article about gaining confidence, I promised to follow up with some juicy tips on tapping into your fabulous intuition. So, here we are! Get ready, this post contains some action steps for you to do!

Why is intuition important?

Intuition is a type of intelligence, not a woo-woo state of being. In fact, researchers are paying much more attention to intuition\ and many say it’s the most important kind of intelligence. People from all walks of life, including famous leaders, scientists, and inventors are known to make their decisions based on intuitive hits or while daydreaming. They take risks that don’t necessarily make sense on paper, but their intuition drives them to do it anyway.

Does everyone have strong intuition?

People who are logical thinkers may not be as adept at using their intuitive processing. The brain thinks by using two different and distinct processes. In one, the brain works through information slowly and deliberately; this is analytical thinking. In the other, the brain draws on patterns from our past experiences and the current environment to make quick decisions. This is where the intuitive process lives and operates. Your intuition may be difficult to detect because you are relying on just one of your brain’s operating systems. The two hemispheres of our brain (left/right) work together in harmony, but signals from one can be much stronger than the other at times.

Intuition is often drowned out by a lack of confidence and your bully, B.S. voice.

Another reason you may not easily tune into intuition is that your intuitive voice is usually small and gentle, whereas the bullying voice in your head is intrusive and noisy. Intuitive thoughts are quiet and usually fleeting; intruding thoughts are loud and often nagging.

The nature of negative thinking makes it more difficult to hear and believe in your intuitive thoughts.

When your confidence is lacking, this overbearing voice can drown out your intuitive voice. We need to tell those thoughts to sit in a corner so we can listen for something gentler. Intuitive thoughts induce a calming feeling of knowing or understanding. They feel good or right while intrusive thoughts feel overwhelming and anxiety-provoking, or depressing. This is one of the best ways of telling them apart.

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Can everyone tap into their intuition?

I believe this is a question that’s gone unanswered. However, I believe that intuition is like a muscle and simply needs to be exercised. For most of my life, I’ve been studying my inner voice and I see every life challenge as a playground for improving my mindset. Intuition plays an important role in that. This is certainly something that anyone can do, it just takes time and tons of curiosity. That’s why I make it a playful process.

Play games to increase your intuitive awareness.

  • I love being playful with my intuition. I’ll use a deck of cards to try to “predict” which card I’ll pull next. I remain general, looking for a color (hearts or diamonds versus spades and clubs) or I’ll think about the face cards (the king, queen, and jack) as a separate set from the numbered cards. You’ll be amazed at how often you are correct after you learn which voice to listen to. Sometimes when I’m really feeling in tune, I’ll get more specific and “ask” for a certain card.  I mostly do this when I play Solitaire. I’m telling you, it works!
  • When I get a “hit” like to call or text so-and-so, I always listen. Most of the time they will say, “I was just thinking of you!” There have been many times when they’ve told me something significant has just occurred and that it's amazing that I called in that moment.
  • When I need to make an important decision, I close my eyes and think about my choices one at a time. While I’m focused on each choice I tune into my body, not my brain. Usually, our bodies know (and will communicate) what’s right for us. I refer to my intuition as “a seed of knowing”. That’s how it feels; a seed floats gently into my heart and/or gut and I know—without a single doubt—that things will turn out exactly as they are meant to be and for my highest good. (It’s not up to us to judge what the highest good is. We don’t have access to that information.)

These are only a few of the fun ways to play with your intuition. Get creative and practice often. Your confidence will soar, success will increase, and you will feel much happier.

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