I’ve owned 3 businesses since leaving my corporate career, raised 2 children as a single parent after my husband passed away, lived in lack, and prayed for freedom. There have been far too many times when I felt so alone and overwhelmed that I didn’t know where to turn.

One of those times was during my ownership of The Fat Bean Coffeehouse; a beautiful, large-scale coffeehouse that became a model of success for other independently owned coffeehouses. Musicians came from around the world to perform on our stage and the community embraced us as one of its most meaningful “go-to” places. Still, the financial burden was huge and with so many people depending on me I felt lost and alone in my stress.

It was then that I hired my first business coach. I remember that day clearly; I don’t believe I’ve ever felt such a huge relief. As my small business grew and became more stable I knew that it was time to sell and enter into my new calling—helping others find their way to happiness and financial freedom. This was one of the most critical turning points in my life.

Today I can say that I have touched the lives and businesses of millions of people through coaching, speaking, internet radio, and my column on inc.com. I’ve helped people around the globe reach as high as forty-five million dollars in annual revenues from next to nothing. I marvel everyday at the change in people as they learn more about themselves and how to be a successful entrepreneur.

I know the sweet taste of freedom and success. For me, there is nothing more complete and fulfilling as living my purpose with passion. I want that for you too!

I’d like to join you on your journey to happiness and freedom…and whatever else is important to you. Let’s do this together!

Call my office at 630-544-6445 or contact me today for any more information.