Are you ready to get what you want out of life and business? You have a profitable business but it’s not quite there yet—you just haven’t nailed it. This private 6-month business coaching opportunity is for entrepreneurs with established, profitable businesses who need support in breaking the code to the next stage of success. If you’ve got more road to cover, please see my VIP (Very Important Professional) package.

  • Are you making money in your business, but know there’s more to be made?
  • Are you juggling your personal life and your professional life—without much success?
  • Do you believe that you’re close to hitting your targets, but that final leap isn’t completely clear to you?
  • Does your business need fine-tuning?
  • Do you feel like there’s a block inside of you that you can’t access?
  • Are you ready to make a smart investment that will turn these things around for you?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions I am here to help.

Are you ready to make the money you deserve? To turn your business into the machine it can be? Is it time to take a vacation and actually relax while you’re away?

Then let’s do this! Click Here

How The 6-Month Accelerator Works:

With a total of eighteen (18) — 50 minute private sessions available to you, you may arrange our coaching schedule in any way you wish within our six months together. I usually recommend three (3) – 50 minute private calls per month.

The number of sessions you use is up to you. Use as many, or as few, of them needed to achieve your goals. Some entrepreneurs move mountains in fewer sessions than are available in their coaching package. Many end up renewing their package and spending a great deal of time in coaching because they see the incredible value. Either way, you have me by your side for an entire 6 months or a full year (or more), depending on the program you choose!

One (1) – 90 minute Soar to Success Accelerator Call.

This phone call or video Skype session at the 3 month mark is a very important process meant to bring awareness to your success (entrepreneurs don’t do this often enough, or at all), reassess your objectives, measure your achievement and goals, and organize our thoughts on the next steps of our journey together. It’s like a private mastermind experience on steroids!

Ongoing access to me via email, phone, and text. (Yes, you read that right—text. I can get kinda nerdy about being nearby for my clients.)

I encourage my clients to stay in touch between sessions and those who do soar to the top of their game. When you have a question, need emotional support, or have something to celebrate,  (no matter how small you think it is) I want to be right there along side of you. These are brief emails, texts or phone conversations to quickly resolve a small issue, celebrate a win, or touch base on a question. Full blown “last minute” sessions can be scheduled upon soonest availability.

Are you ready to learn more? It’s important (to both of us) to discuss your goals and get to know a bit about one another before either of us commits to a coaching relationship. Please contact me for your complementary 30-minute consultation today. Let’s do this!