Pricing your services

Why Pricing Your Services by the Hour is a Very Bad Idea

Are you facing confusion about how to price your services? It’s a sticking point for many entrepreneurs; one that keeps them stressed and broke. Last week my article topic for was about the negative aspects of pricing your services by the hour. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a big no-no for coaches and…

Business Review

Here’s Your Guide to a Smart Annual Small Business Review

Successful entrepreneurs do frequent reviews of their metrics, culture, wins, and shortcomings. This guide will make it easy for you. Entrepreneurs are more likely to plan the future than evaluate the past. But how can you fix something when you don’t know it’s broken? How will you celebrate achievements when you don’t realize how significant…


3 Signs You’re Ready for a Business Coach (even if you think you can’t afford one)

Perhaps you’ve never considered yourself as a candidate for coaching. Many believe they can’t afford a good business coach–others wonder how it can possibly help. Well, here’s the gist of it: successful people have coaches and mentors. And, with the right perspective in place, yes, you can afford a business coach. Below are only a…

Startup Partership

Common Mistakes Co-Founders Must Avoid In Startup Phase

As I begin initial discussions for another startup involving a business partner, I’m reminded of the precarious balancing act between what’s fair, legal, and recommended by experts. Excitement and anticipation at these beginning stages, along with dreams of what’s to come, can easily disrupt any thoughts in the interest of practicality. Get grounded. What may…


Here’s What Happens When You Love the Competition. It’s a Good Thing.

When I owned my coffee house (2001 to 2004), people frequently asked me if I hated Starbucks. I didn’t. After all, Starbucks is responsible for re-introducing the culture of coffee in the United States and for establishing it in countries where the café culture never before existed. Starbucks put the romance into the coffee experience.…


This is For You Overwhelmed Control Freakazoids! The Art of Letting Go

Did I make that word up? Freak-a-zoid. OK, I did, but it seems fitting. I often hear overwhelmed entrepreneurs call themselves control freaks (as though that’s a good thing). They take pride in having their hand in everything, if not doing it all themselves. There are only two outcomes when a small business owner (I say…

business coach relationship

3 Surprising Things Your Business Coach Wants You to Do

I’ve had more than my share of clients call in at session time and say, “I don’t know what to talk about today.” My reply? “Awesome! It’s going to be an amazing session.” Since people often misconstrue business coaching as an accountability pact with a second person, it’s understandable that a client may feel compelled to bring…