Success Isn’t About Doing More, It’s About Clarity, Intent, and Confidence

Entrepreneur Coach, Marla Tabaka

Living a Lie 

My name is Marla Tabaka, and I'm an in-demand business coach, speaker, internet radio host, and writer for Inc. Magazine. I've helped drastically improve the lives of millions of business owners. I am living my dream life, but it wasn't always this way…

Twenty years ago, I owned a beautiful, large-scale coffeehouse that became a model of success for other independent coffee houses across the country. Musicians from around the world came to perform on my stage, and the community embraced my coffeehouse as a meaningful ‘go-to' place. People stopped me on the street wherever I went to rave about their experiences at this special place that I'd created.

Yet, I was alone.

From the outside, it looked like a thriving local business, but secretly I was struggling financially. Fueled by optimism, I had poured my entire life savings into the business just when our economy had tanked. Every day I helplessly watched as more and more money slipped through my fingers. I was failing – myself, my kids, my employees, and my community. But no one knew. I'd never felt so alone.

Like most small business owners, I thought the answer was to simply ‘hustle.' So as things got worse and worse, I worked harder and harder. Up before dawn, I worked from5am to at least 9pm. But it wasn't enough, so I burned the candle all night long too. My business consumed me – and it didn't make a difference. I was only more miserable.


A Realization About Hard Work

One day I observed a hard-working bumble bee that had found her way into my home. It was a sunny day, and she desperately wanted to be outside in the fresh air. So, she slammed herself into the windowpane, trying to get to the other side.

Over and over, she attempted to break through the glass to the freedom she desired on the other side. Sadly, no matter how much effort she put into the task, she would never break free. 

There's a door right next to the window, so I opened it to let the bee out. Yet she continued to bang against the glass. She couldn't see the much easier path that was only inches away. After a few moments, I used my hand to guide her toward the door. It took a couple of tries, but eventually, she saw the simpler way to gain her freedom and flew through the door without any hard work or pain.

All I had to do was show her a different direction—to shift her thinking. 

Was I missing a simple shift in my business (or in myself) that would give me the peace I desired?

My Ticket to Freedom

 Not long after, a friend introduced me to a business coach. I didn't know there was such a thing!

I remember that day clearly; here was someone who understood the stress I was feeling. They understood that I was trying to build a better way, a better vision…a better world. They could see how I was suffering for my idea – the countless hours I spent grinding and fighting – the sacrifices I made that affected my family, health, and mental well-being. All in the name of my dream.  

It was instant relief to know I wasn't alone anymore! It was like I became the bumble bee. My coach listened and guided me in ways I never saw. I was able to share my fears without being judged or shamed. If I hadn't found that coach, I shudder to think about where my life would be today.

Just a few months earlier, I never would have spent hundreds of dollars each month for help. That seemed crazy to me! But my coach helped me see that the answer wasn't working longer hours or sacrificing more of myself. The answer was in shifting my thinking. The education was priceless. If only I'd known earlier, I could have stopped bleeding thousands of dollars each month.

Conversations Over a French Press Lead to a New Career

Meanwhile, at the coffee shop, my customers and friends began to see a difference in me. I wasn't working endless hours anymore. I wasn't short with my staff. I wasn't stressed. Over a delicious French Press, they would ask what my secret was. So, I simply passed on what was working for me.

Through these conversations, I discovered I had a gift for helping people with their businesses. I eventually sold the coffee shop, went back to school under the mentorship of my coach, and began to coach business owners full-time. Since then, I've had a nationally syndicated radio show and two successful podcasts. I've partnered with Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank, been a writer for Inc. Magazine, featured in top publications, and helped thousands of business owners achieve their dreams.

The Business ‘Gurus’ Are Lying to You

America has a fascination with ‘hard work' and suffering to own our happiness. It's in our DNA. 

Most business ‘experts' mislead you by saying you need to hustle. Or grind. Or generally, work harder than you've ever worked in your life if you want to build a business. They paint the mountain of business success as a long hard fight against the odds—a slog through years of paying your dues with the hustle and grind. But I'm here to tell you that it's not true.

Success is really about shifting your thinking—gaining a new perspective. That's why I've developed my BULLSHIFT™ Coaching Program for small business owners. 

BULLSHIFT™ is about helping you see a better way. Break free from the pain of your business and get to the happiness and freedom you deserve on the other side. America has a fascination with ‘hard work.’ It’s in our DNA. 

Most business ‘experts’ mislead you by saying you need to hustle. Or grind. Or generally, work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life if you want to build a business. They paint the mountain of business success as a long hard fight. A slog through years of paying your dues with the hustle and grind. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not true.

Success is really about shifting your thinking—gaining a new perspective. That’s why I’ve developed my BULLSHIFT™ Coaching Program.

BULLSHIFT™ is about helping you see a better way. Break free from the pain of your business and get to the happiness and freedom you deserve on the other side.

My BULLSHIFT™ Coaching Achieves Your Dreams 
In Three Easy Steps

Uncover Your Limiting Thoughts

First, we'll dig into the thoughts and beliefs holding you back. Together, we'll uncover the negative stories you tell yourself and replace them with positive thoughts that serve you.

Develop A Clear Plan 

Next, we'll create a simple plan of action that eliminates all the hard work. You'll have a step-by-step plan to follow. Second-guessing yourself will become a thing of the past.

Move Forward with Confidence

Finally, you'll confidently step into your new leadership role with support and guidance. No more going it alone, wondering if you're on the right path. 

What Others Have To Say About Marla Tabaka And BULLSHIFT®

“Shortly after establishing my business, I reached out to Marla about four years ago. It has grown leaps and bounds since then and continues to grow. It's been amazing for me to have Marla working in my corner. She has helped me manage both my business and personal growth, put processes in place, handle challenging employee issues and gave me the courage to keep moving forward in a positive way. I really didn't understand how important and valuable it would be to have a great coach for my business and personal life. Initially, I worried about the cost, but the return on the investment paid for that expense many times over in the first year. Four years later, I continue to work with Marla because it makes such a difference in my life and business.”

Elizabeth Ruh
President, Personal Financial Services –

“Marla has been my business coach for over 12 years! She has helped me to grow multiple businesses, and I attribute a large part of my success to her coaching. She helps me with all my business growth and staff management issues and also helps with my mindset, which is a massive part of being a successful entrepreneur!”

Kristie McDonald
CEO & Founder, Care Marketer –

“Marla Tabaka is an amazing coach! I have had many coaches who have helped me with facets of my business. They helped me learn systems, techniques, and more, but they could not help me with my biggest problem… getting my fears and negative thoughts out of the way, because they were holding me back more than anything! Marla has helped me with my mindset and my business. I have since just about doubled my monthly income and lowered my expenses, where my net profits are over 100% better than last year!

If you want to work with a TRUE business coach, then Marla comes highly recommended by me. I will continue to work with her to my next level of double growth and beyond! To grow your business, you need to get out of your own way, which is one of the things Marla does best with and for you!”

Brian Basilico
Director of Direction, B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc. –

“Marla Tabaka is an amazing human being! She's my secret weapon. Marla's guidance and perspective have more than paid for her services over and over again. In fact, during our very first call together, Marla flipped a switch in my brain that had been stuck my whole life. In one call, she opened my eyes and helped me see myself differently. That one mindset shift was easily worth an entire year's worth of coaching! Since then, Marla has continued to impact my life and business. She's my biggest fan, yet she can reach in and knock some sense into me when I need it. I credit Marla for making me a happier, healthier person. Not to mention the growth of my business and the doubling of my income a few times over.”

Neil Kristianson
Founder, Email Splat –


If you're a small business owner who is…

  • Working countless hours with no end in sight
  • Frustrated by the lack of trainable employees 
  • Experiencing tension at home because your mind is always stuck on work
  • Living project to project or deposit check to deposit check
  • Showing physical signs of stress such as headaches, muscle fatigue, or facial tics
  • Feeling like a failure because you can't make your dream work in the real world

…then you are the perfect candidate for BULLSHIFT. 

You'll be amazed how quickly your ‘insurmountable' issues fade away as we dismantle them one by one. My BULLSHIFT™ process has been repeated, with great success, many times for clients like Elizabeth, Kristie, Brian, and Neil above. They all thought their business was ‘beyond hope', and they were destined for a life of struggle and grind. But as you can see from their comments, that wasn't true. They just needed a helping hand. 

Baskets Full of Confidence

Imagine how much you can achieve with a helping hand of your own. 

When your business is humming along on autopilot, imagine how it will feel. No more stress, worry, or wonder. No more feeling stuck or stalled. Imagine how it will feel when you walk up each morning to do what you want to do instead of the grueling things you thought you had to do. My BULLSHIFT™ program gives you the clarity you've been searching for and the confidence to take productive action.

BULLSHIFT – All the Details

6-Months of Intensive Group Coaching
Meet twice a month with Marla and your small group. Your group is limited to 6-8 owners, so there's always time to talk about YOUR business during your calls. Some of the things we'll cover include…

Discover What's Blocking You
Every business owner has a limiting mindset that's keeping them from reaching their goals. We'll identify and clear your blocks so you can make progress quickly.

Create Achievable Goals and Hit Them
Map out a strategy for your business with actionable steps. Use the BULLSHIFT™ system and your peers to hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

Breakthrough From Struggling to Profits
You'll learn powerful mindset techniques that will have you taking fast-focused action. You'll get out of your own way, gain clarity, and create a real plan for success.

Find Your Passion and Purpose
Many entrepreneurs are going through the motions simply because they need the money. Connect the money to your passion and make every day a joy.

Learn How to Become a Great Leader
You've probably never built a managed a team of your own, so there's a lot you don't know (of course there is!). You can hire the best employees and still have an ineffective them–because a great team begins with YOU. We will shape your leadership skills so you can build, inspire, and profit with a collaborative team.

Marketing Strategies That Work Today
Marketing is a constantly shifting landscape. What worked yesterday may not work today. Explore new marketing opportunities and see what's working for your peers.

Receive Valuable Input from Your Peers
You'll brainstorm big ideas using your peers as a sounding board. You'll discover what's working for others and learn that you're not alone in your entrepreneurial journey. You'll make valuable connections that could last a lifetime.

Affordable Coaching for Even the Smallest Business
My one-to-one coaching clients annually invest $15,000 or more in their development. But I realize that doesn't work if you're just starting out or struggling. BULLSHIFT's group coaching model means you get the help you need every month for less than the cost of a day at the amusement park with your family.

BONUS – Private Coaching Call with Marla

Sign up for BULLSHIFT™ before October 1st and as a bonus, you'll get a private 30-minute call with Marla (a $300 value). During your time together, Marla will identify the best way for you to prosper as a BULLSHIFT™ member so you can build a thriving business.

Let’s Uncover Your Biggest Block Today – Even If You’ve Been Stuck for Years

If you're stuck or struggling in your business, let's hop on a call and unblock you right away. I don't want you living in a state of confusion for one more moment. I've given hundreds of people instant relief by quickly identifying their biggest hurdles, and I'd love to do the same for you.

Simply fill out the form below we will contact you to book a discussion about your goals and uncover the biggest block holding you back from achieving them. We can also see if BULLSHIFT™ is a good fit for you, but of course, there is no obligation.


More Words from Marla’s Clients

“If you are considering hiring Marla, you won't be disappointed… she has helped me tame some nasty demons in my life, helped me to get my business back on track. Marla is an incredible Touchstone.

Chariti Gent
Founder –