Keep the momentum

This one is for clients who have worked with me for at least 6-months and want to keep the pace.

You’ve achieved the big stuff and you’ve got great momentum going. Most entrepreneurs remain in coaching for the long haul but there may come a time that you'd like to pause for a while.\

Rather than stop, why not build on the momentum and hold on to my undying support? Have your questions answered, brainstorm new ideas, find your way through problems, and continue to receive my all-around support. Remember, we’re not built to do this all alone—no great entrepreneur does! 


 “Your vision shouldn’t be limited by your current reality. Reach for the stars”Marla Tabaka

Past clients, this is for you!

Time for a little client love!

Keep the momentum Package


We will meet for 50-minutes via phone or video conference once a month for a duration of 12 months.


We’ll create new goals and expand on existing ones.

There may be a time when you want extra sessions because–stuff happens! So…

Are You Ready?

Your Next Step: 

While enrolled in this program, you can purchase up to three additional sessions at a discounted rate. If you need any more than that then it’s probably time for you to come back to the VIP program!


For coaching to be powerfully effective, there’s got to be synergy. Let’s find out if it’s there.

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