Marla Tabaka is an amazing human being! She's my secret weapon. Marla's guidance and perspective have more than paid for her services over and over again. In fact, during our very first call together Marla flipped a switch in my brain that had been stuck my whole life. In one call she opened my eyes and helped me see myself differently. That one mindset shift was easily worth an entire year's worth of coaching! Since then Marla has continued to impact my life and business. She's my biggest fan, yet she has the ability to reach in and knock some sense into me when I need it. I credit Marla with making me a happier, healthier person. Not to mention the growth of my business and the doubling of my income.

Neil Kristianson
Founder, Email Splat –

Since working with Marla, my revenue has increased by more than 250%. Her insights and guidance have helped me make better hiring decisions, improve processes, and map out a plan that propelled my company faster than I could have imagined. More than a business coach, Marla helped me work through some of the biggest business and life challenges I faced—helping me to achieve more success and balance in both work and life. If you are a business owner looking for growth, Marla is a crucial part of your team.

Joy Schoffler
Leverage-PR –

If you are considering hiring Marla, you won't be disappointed… she has helped me tame the nasty demons in my life and has allowed me the space to get my business back on track. Marla is an incredible Touchstone.

Chariti Gent
Founder –

Marla Tabaka is an amazing coach! I have had many coaches who have helped me with facets of my business. They helped me learn systems, and techniques, and more, but they could not help me with my biggest problem… getting my fears and negative thoughts out of the way that were holding me back more than anything! Marla has helped me with my mindset and my business. I have since just about doubled my monthly income and lowered my expenses where my net profits are over 100% better than last year!

If you want to work with a TRUE business coach, then Marla comes highly recommended by me. I will continue to work with her to my next level of double growth and beyond! To grow your business, you need to get out of your own way, and that is one of the things that Marla does best with and for you!

Brian Basilico
Director of Direction, B2b Interactive Marketing, Inc. –

Marla has been my business coach for over 12 years! She has helped me to grow multiple businesses and I attribute a large part of my success to her coaching. She helps me on all of my business growth and staff management issues and also helps with my mindset which is a huge part of being a successful entrepreneur!

Kristie McDonald
CEO & Founder, Care Marketer –

I reached out to Marla shortly after establishing my business.  It has grown leaps and bounds since then and continues to.  It's been amazing for me to have Marla working in my corner.  She has helped me manage that growth, put processes in place, handle tough employee issues and give me the courage to keep moving forward in a positive way.  I really didn't understand how important and valuable it would be to have a great coach for my business and personal life.  Initially, I worried about the cost but the return on the investment in the first year paid for that expense several times over.  

Elizabeth Ruh
President, Personal Financial Services –


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