‘If you are considering hiring Marla, Go for it, you won’t be disappointed…..

She has helped me tame some nasty demons in my life, allowed me space to get my business back on track, and Marla is an incredible ‘Touchstone”.

-Chariti Gent

‘I’m amazed when I look back at what I’ve been able to accomplish with Marla’s help. 

In the beginning I was confused about so many different things…

I was really stubborn and didn’t want to do the things that I needed to do [to grow my business] and  I flat out told Marla that I wasn’t going to do them. But Marla is a very compassionate, kind, intelligent, business-savvy person who was able to plant the right seeds in the right way so that even someone as stubborn as I would accept them, think about them, and incorporate them into who I am today.

Thank you Marla. You’ve been a huge help to me and I’m sure that you will continue to be of help to me for as long as I’m in business.

 – Dan Prince, Founder & CEO, Illumisoft

‘Marla has made such an impact on my business…..

My PR firm had triple growth from 2013 to 2014 and double growth from 2014 to 2015 and Marla Tabaka has been a significant part of that growth.’  

 – Joy Schoffler, founder and principal, LeveragePR,

‘Marla helped me to stay prioritized and I needed her to help me be sure that I kept going even when it got really hard.

She provided me with very good referrals who I could trust to help me get some of the ground floor work done.  I am absolutely looking forward to working with her again!  Marla helps me to be my absolute best and live up to everything that my business can be.’

 – Beth Miller, founder, Beth Miller Meditations,

 ‘We are expanding our business nationally and Marla has been a huge part of this process. I was so lucky to find Marla as I was reading an article from Inc. magazine.

Marla is always full of great ideas and provides me with step-by-step guidelines to help keep me on track. In just one hour we are able to resolve several issues. Anyone who is looking to grow their business will benefit from Marla’s help.’

 – Tina Klideris, Founder and CEO, Artemix Entertainment, http://www.artemixentertainment.com/

‘I was in a very stuck place with my business; I didn’t have the tools to get out.  

When I worked with Marla I quickly realized that she does things different.  I saw lots of progress; Marla gave me the tools to keep moving forward and I use them every day. If you’re on the fence about working with Marla just go for it. 

She’s business savvy, keeps herself very up-to-date, and practices what she preaches. Thank you Marla for all that you do and all that you continue to do for me!’

 – Melissa Preitauer – owner,  Makana Breastfeeding,