Psychological Distancing Visualization

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just stressed out? You can find relaxation, release, and the empowerment to make decisions calmly and clearly.

In just over 4 minutes you will find your calm by participating in this guided visualization.

During and/or after being guided through this visualization use this reminder phrase whenever you begin to experience stress or worry:

“These problems and all of the stress related to them are safely locked away in the vault. I can choose to remove one worry at a time, or not, but I no longer carry the burden of all of this stress.”

EFT Tapping Release & Affirmation Cards for Entrepreneurs

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Designed especially for entrepreneurs, these EFT Tapping Release & Affirmation Cards will help you step into your brilliance!

Using your 7 primary energy centers (chakras) and your intuition as a guide, you will let go of unwanted beliefs and welcome new, empowering beliefs to support personal and business growth.

The EFT Tapping phrases in this deck help release the blocks and limitations caused by self-doubt, lack of confidence, and other fear-related thinking.

These cards also support you in your goals with loving affirmations, intended to remind you of your gifts and dreams and shift your thinking.

Simple and compact enough to use anytime, anywhere.

15-3”x5” card deck includes:

Simple instructions
EFT Tapping graphic
2 cards to represent each chakra. One “Releasing Limitations” statement to tap on and one affirmation to repeat and/or tap on

$8.00 US plus shipping

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