Like it or not, life does not come to us tied up in a pretty package—stuff happens. Sometimes it’s really, really big stuff that leads to traumatic mindset “injuries”. Sometimes it’s smaller, but negative ongoing experiences that build up and limit the way we think and see the world.

I have practiced the Emotional Freedom Techniques, along with other powerful modalities, for nearly fifteen years. I’ve seen it all and I’ve helped people draw the curtain between events that have caused varying levels of psychological harm and how they think, feel, and act today. Yes, it is possible to eliminate your psychological and physical responses of today caused by difficult events of yesterday.

I’ve seen live-changing shifts in my clients in as little as 90-minutes.*

Contact me today to talk about your circumstances and to see if and how I can help you to shed ties to the past to create a new and powerful paradigm for your future.

These Emotional Freedom Technique sessions are the only sessions sold in a package of three. Why only 3? Because EFT is that powerful. And, if three doesn’t do it we can keep going!

*The emotional connection to and the memories of some very traumatic events have been broken in as little as one session with me. However, no two situations or people are the same. Results depend on the depth of the event(s) and your current emotional or physical response to it today, as well as your ability to work through the problems you’ve faced in the past. I cannot guarantee these results to everyone. I work only with individuals who are truly ready for change.