10 Ways a Business Coach Can Help You Achieve Extraordinary Success

Entrepreneur CoachWhen I began coaching some fifteen years ago, the concept of hiring a business coach was trapped in a non-serving stereotype that indicated coaching is only for the weak. Today, this negative perspective is finally being abolished by the reality that every, single, successful person on this earth has someone to thank for helping them get there. Many of them thank their coaches.

When you hire a great small business coach you will see a powerful ROI. Depending on where you are in life and business, that ROI may quickly be reflected in your bottom line. Sometimes that takes a little longer. But the most lasting and powerful return on investment lies in increased confidence, greater clarity, and removal of the internal and external barriers that stand between you and success. When that happens, profits will soar.

Here are ten ways that an experienced entrepreneurial coach can help you achieve your dreams. Yes, I limited myself to only ten!

A Business Coach Will Help You….

1. Achieve Clarity.

You may know exactly what you want, but do you know how to get there? Cluttered thoughts, too many ideas, too few ideas, uncertainty. These things all prevent clarity. Your coach will help you sort your thoughts and rid of the clutter that doesn’t serve you.

2. Break down barriers.

We all encounter internal barriers, like fear, confusion, and doubt. I use my life coaching skills, along with powerful modalities like EFT Tapping to help my clients conquer these…and then, look out world!

3. Establish and understand your values.

A solid business is build on the leader’s values. When you know and understand the values that you bring into your business then, and only then, will it everything you need and want it to be. When you successfully complete the values process every decision you make in the future will be easier. Your values will give you a roadmap to success.

4. Clarify your vision.

Once you gain your clarity you will either revisit or shape your vision based on what you now know about yourself and your dreams. Clarifying your vision will ignite the passion in you, and others. It will give you a destination that’s as clear in your mind’s eye today as it is when you get there.

5. Get to your Why.

The process of getting to the “why” is one of the most difficult things for entrepreneurs to achieve. Nearly every entrepreneur I’ve worked with either mistakenly believes she/he knows their why, struggles to find it, or hasn’t even tried. If your why doesn’t practically bring you to your knees in desire, joy, and determination, then you don’t get it yet. Your coach should have a very high success rate in helping people find their why. If not, keep looking.

6. Create your Plan.

When all of the above is in place, you’ll most likely need a revised plan, or a new one altogether. See your vision as the most amazing place you’ll ever experience at the top of a staircase with landings every ten or so steps. Beginning at the top and working backwards, a strategic coach will help you to construct this staircase with each step being a goal that leads to the next landing; your milestones.

7. Stave off the loneliness.

I always say that behind the desk of an entrepreneur lies what can feel like the most lonely place in the world. Huge decisions, difficult actions, and the not knowing make it so. When I hired my first coach the relief was immediate. A coach’s success lies in his/her clients’ success. But it’s not just that; a truly amazing coach cares—and that just plain feels good! Even though we are not physically with you, your coach will be on your mind every time you encounter a challenge or have to make a decision. You’ll hear her words in your mind, you’ll recall the sage advice he once offered, you’ll feel supported every step along the way.

8. Remind you to celebrate.

Entrepreneurs have this awful habit of either dismissing, overlooking, or glossing over their achievements. Your coaching sessions will offer you a safe place to revisit these and shout your successes from the rooftop! Your coach will help you recognize the enormity of your achievements and cheer you on to the next!

9. Go big.

It’s very likely that your current vision is just too small. See your business as the solid earth upon which you are constructing a brick path. Each brick is an action or result that takes you closer to your dream. What happens when you get to the end of the path? You’ll realize that it’s not the end at all; that you want to—are driven to—keep building. Your coach will teach you to think big working with you on strategy and helping you to remove your self-imposed limitations.

10. Find balance.

No success is worth achieving if it takes you completely away from the people and activities that are important to you. Life balance, by my definition, doesn’t mean that every single day is perfectly balanced. It means that you have the freedom to do the things you want to do with the people you want to do them with. It means being present with your child by learning to focus on what’s going on in the moment. It means making the time to take proper care of yourself, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Yes, it is possible and your coach will teach you how.